• Blue Companion

    This biker jacket came into our hands with a big problem: it had been abandoned on a roadside and felt consumed by the solitude of knowing that he would no longer cover and protect anyone from the asphalt. At A HUG we adopted him, pampered him and gave him a new reason for being. He would no longer need to protect bodies at high speed on the road to feel loved: we had given him new friends, blue friends with a shared past, to form a new family. Joined together by their love, they formed a new being filled with happiness. The best company for when you feel blue. SIZE: S - M - L ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT 100% UP-CYCLED / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING
  • Gefühlsausbruch #1

    This means an explosion of emotions. Sometimes life puts us in situations, both good and bad, in which it is impossible to control oneself and which ends up releasing all those repressed feelings abruptly, as if an explosion. This blazer went through all of that: life loved it, shooked it and finally threw it away. We at A HUG rescued her and beautified her wounds. We pampered and took care of her, we raised her self-esteem until she understood that having exploded made her special, different from the other jackets in this world. Now she is in our Atelier, together with her sister #2, and she cannot stop exploiting her happiness. She is waiting for someone to choose her for what she is, so that she can share her explosions of happiness to her new owner. SIZE: S - M - L - XL ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT HANDSEWN 100% UP-CYCLED  / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING

    Sometimes jackets that come to our workshop ask us to find them a family: other jackets with which to have a joint future. This is the case with this blazer: when she saw Gefühlsausbruch #1, she fell captivated with her self-improvement story and the joyful energy she transmitted. She began to admire her, like a little girl who looks up to her big sister as if she were a superhero, imitating her every step and move. We decided that the best thing for them was to make them sisters so they could learn from each other, supporting each other in the difficult moments and celebrating the happy ones. Since then they enjoy the pleasures that life brings them in our studio in Madrid, ready to share that joy with whomever wants to wear them. Like her sister, Gefühlsausbruch #2 is full of emotions and transmits them to whomever wears her. We rebuilt her to bring out the best of her character and we even put some little bags to carry all the good memories and experiences that are lived with her. SIZE: S - M - L - XL ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT 100% UP-CYCLED / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING

    A HUG was born with this jacket in 2016. We wanted to materialize a friendship between three people in a single garment so that it represented the character of each friend, how different and special they are, and still be able to understand the invisible bond that unites people through friendship. We got down to it and that's how this jacket was born: A hug between 3 people, 3 donors, 3 friends. The materialized reflection of a beautiful friendship. Each one of them left a bit of their personality, their experiences and their feelings inside the jackets that we reused. Now, in its final form, it allows you to slip into the skin of each friend, into their friendship, into their memories and to be part of that beautiful friendship. SIZE: S - M - L ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT HANDSEWN 100% UP-CYCLED  & ZERO WASTE / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING

    This blazer was born in one of those gray city days, between concrete, traffic jams and rushing between meetings. Between stress and anxiety, tiredness and desperation. Growing up amidst the beeps - of cars and alarms - he got used to them, normalizing them, waiting for them, hearing them even if they didn't ring. Passing day after day, all different, all the same, until the gray of the city became part of its being, its state of mind, its skin color, its aura and its life. A light gray at the beginning that darkened with time, submerging everything in a fog, anesthetizing body and mind. Then one day - between meetings, between cars - the sun came out, piercing the fog as if they were sabers. Cutting through the gray with light and warmth. Brightening the dark, strengthening and energizing through its rays. The strength of the sun surrounded the blazer, filling it with all those things it could no longer see, giving the - joy, illusion, energy and strength - it needed in its daily life. The rays merged into its fabric, leaving marks, surrounding it with its lights. Since then this jacket is no longer gray - it is light - it is no longer asphalt - it is joy - it no longer chokes - it breathes freely. SIZE: M - L ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT 100% UP-CYCLED / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING
  • Topcito Dress

    This little dress doesn’t tell one story, it tells many – all varied and unique, full of adventures, heartbreaks, misfortunes and passions. This top is composed of the remnants of all the garments that have passed through our workshop. Each piece of fabric has its value and we don’t want to waste any of them. That’s why we have created this zero waste pannels which we tied together into a dress. A dress to wear over your favorite t-shirt or chemise, giving it a new twist. SIZE: S - M ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT 100% UP-CYCLED  & ZERO WASTE / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING
  • Waldstamm

    Hugging a tree, dressing in brown and green and all the shades in between. Intertwining the fabric with its bark to see if you become wood and leaves. Stay still and feel the caress of the sun and the kiss of spring - breathe. Don't move or you will miss the birds sing. With this garment you become a trunk, a living piece of wood grounded through its roots - or maybe they are arms - deep down in the earth. You become a pine, a chestnut, a fir tree and feel how the rain nourishes through your damp feet in the grass. Feel the environment - Feel nature: You are part of it. SIZE: M - XL ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT HANDMADE 100% UP-CYCLED  / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING
  • Zu Dritt Gepresst

    A father, a mother and a daughter. A small family of three born of the undisputed love of a couple - two predestined halves to overcome all odds in the name of love. United in fate, intertwined forever - together. This jacket is them: this family, their story and destiny: an embrace between a father's jacket, a girl's shirt and a mother's sash. love - home - family protection - proximity - peace That's who she is and that's what she transmits to the one who wears her. SIZE: S - M ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT HANDSEWN 100% UP-CYCLED  / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING
  • Zu Weit

    "Zu zweit" means "together" or "two of us". This jacket is made of two blazers, one feminine and one masculine. And now they are  a couple now. He loves her hanging boobs and would love to wrap around her all time, caressing her wherever she goes. She loves his company as he pushes her self-esteem. She likes having him around - very close - as together they feel invincible. Feel loved within it, feel their love in it. Feel how they embrace and caress each other. Be in the middle of it. Feel the strength of love. Feel together even if you are alone. ONE OF A KIND / UNIQUE GARMENT HANDSEWN 100% UP-CYCLED  / MADE OUT OF DISCARDED CLOTHING