This trenchcoat not only tells a story, it tells the story of many. Blue stories, stories superimposed on top of each other, in different shades and sizes, each one distinct and unique. Stories that merge in this garment, in its endless blue sleeves. Stories that touch you and embrace you, stories that accompany you on gray and cloudy days. Blue stories, finally united.

    We only made one so this coat is completely unique.

    SIZE:  Oversize fit

    COLOR: Blue and Grey

    MATERIAL: Mixed

    100% UP-CYCLED


    From the same family as Verheilt and Gefühlsausbruch #1 & #2 we present the french cousin “Le Explosive Frac". The black overcoat was made in 1914 for Frances a French gentleman ahead of his time. They called him the “cousine terrible” because he shamelessly and with little discretion shouted his eccentricities from the rooftops. Freedom in all its variants, he lived them all unbridled always covered in his elegant tailcoat.

    His free spirit is still trapped in this coat and tries to escape from between the seams as if an explosion. We at A HUG cherish that burning thrill of adventure so much that we have retained all of Frances' passion through rough hand stitching. For you to feel it when you wear the garment, to enjoy it and create your own adventures.

    We only made one so this coat is completely unique.

    SIZE:  36-38 EU (model is height 175)

    COLOR: Black and Beige

    MATERIAL: Wool, Cotton


    100% UP-CYCLED